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Series W-R Access Door


Specifications (bullet form)

  • Cover Leaf(s): 1/4" (7mm) aluminum diamond plate.
  • Channel Frame: 1/4" (7mm) aluminum with continuous anchor flange and a 1-1/2 inch (38mm) drainage coupling located in the front left corner of frame.
  • Load Rating : 300 lbs. psf (1464 kg. psm) uniform live load.
  • Locking System : non-corrosive locking bar used in conjunction with owner supplied padlock.
  • Cover equipped with the following T-316 stainless steel features: heavy duty hinges, tamper proof attaching hardware, automatic hold open arm with aluminum latch.
  • Guarantee: Access covers shall carry a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and/or workmanship.

Specifications (paragraph form)

The W1R (single leaf) and W2R (double leaf) series access frames and covers as manufactured by Halliday Products, Inc. of Orlando, Florida shall have a 1/4" (7mm) thick one-piece, mill finish, extruded aluminum channel frame, incorporating a continuous concrete anchor. A 1 1/2" (38mm) drainage coupling shall be located in the front left corner of the channel frame. Door panel shall be 1/4" (7mm) aluminum diamond plate, reinforced to withstand a live load of 300 lbs. psf (1464 kg. psm). Uniform live load. Door shall open to 90 degrees and automatically lock with a T-316 stainless steel hold open arm with an aluminum release handle. Door shall close flush with the frame. Hinges and all fastening hardware shall be T-316 stainless steel. Unit shall lock with a non-corrosive locking bar and have a non-corrosive handle. Unit shall carry a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and/or workmanship.

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